a socially responsible tech start-up & plant nursery, currently building a suite of open-source software tools & services to provide semi-automated high-efficiency cultivation technology + other resources to cultivators of all types/sizes.


Setting the Standard

HOOG™ aims to set the standard not just in terms of operational efficiency when it comes to commercial-scale cannabis cultivation, but also in terms of how to transparently obey government regulation and oversight. We'll then open-source that standard under the CaaS model, alongside any novel innovations me might come up with along the way. This will empower the #cannabiscommunity in New York State to flourish virtually overnight; as soon as NYS businesses obtain their OCM license(s), they'll be able to join as CaaS v1.0 Community or Enterprise users. v1.0 will be our own (S.854-A/A.1248-A)-compliant release of our software suite's "port" to cannabis cultivation, once we've secured our OCM license.


Fighting Racial & Social Inequality

HOOG™ will hire its employees based on a wealth of criteria, but one key criterion will be whether or not they (or their loved ones) have been hurt by the failed War on Drugs, among other things.


The health & commuter benefits we will offer all employees may not be top-tier right away, but they're pretty good and will only get better as we grow the business.


In these ways and more, HOOG™ will play one very small part in New York State's committment to repairing the damage wrought by the failed War on Drugs.



Helping build a thriving New York

Our software tools and services will help bootstrap the legal cannabis industry virtually overnight, as the A.854-A legistlation takes effect and the OCM is stood up. Our hope is to revitalize the local economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the MUCH larger wake of the War on Drugs.


Learn More

For a deeper understanding of our founding principles and the origins of our Corporate Mission, please read our Founder's Personal & Professional Motivations HERE.

Corporate motivation playlist

Our "Motivation" Spotify playlist (embedded to the right) helps remind the entire HOOG team and its supporters what the "good fight" is really all about.