a socially responsible tech start-up & plant nursery, currently building a suite of open-source software tools & services to provide semi-automated high-efficiency cultivation technology + other resources to cultivators of all types/sizes.


Exited Stealth Mode - Happy 04/20!


  • HOOG, LLC DBA "HOOG" is a registered New York State corporation.
  • Pursuing three stages of funding
    • $25,000 in "Friends & Acquaintances" round
    • $100,000 in seed funding round
    • ~$3.1M in Series A funding to secure an HQ, a C-suite team, and fund 3 years of operations.
  • Finalizing business plan, budget forecast, and go-to-market strategy
    • Goal is to have a plan to be in the black by end of year 3
    • Yes - it's ambitious, under-budgeted, and may need more funding by Year 2 depending on the outlook of licensing progress
  • 04/20 public announcement
  • Per advice of counsel, we are waiting on a formal press release.


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earning a profit by y3

Although we're projected to burn cash Years 1 & 2, we're already projected to be in the black by the end of our third Year (if we can secure an OCM-license by end of Y2).




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HOOG is defining the open-source standard for excellent service, CaaS


Cannabis aa Service


One component of the model (technical specification currently being privately developed on GitHub) is a decentralized confidence model, which is implemented here at HOOG as "cannabis shares". An additional implementation of this sales model is our decentralized events coordination system reserved for high-end customers and clientelle using the "NFT" market technology.